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"Bernie has been helping me with my personal banking over the last five years as my vision has been gradually declining.  I am an ex-IRS agent and I insist my checkbook balances are reconciled down to the penny!  Over time Bernie has been increasing the services he has been providing to me.  Initially he was just helping me balance my banking account’s checkbooks. Now he also prepares checks for my signature, reviews my credit card bills, reviews my mail, make bank deposits on my behalf, and helps me prepare my records that I give to my accountant who prepares my taxes.  He even will be coming to meet with my accountant when it comes time to review my tax forms.  He has started keeping my banking records on Quicken which will make it easier next year when I prepare the documents I give to my accountant.

Bernie goes out of his way to help me in both financial and non-financial matters. He went to my bank on my behalf and got the bank to increase my interest rate by 0.25% on my savings account after telling them we would switch banks to get a higher interest rate. 

I highly recommend Bernie as your Daily Money Manager.  He is honest, trustworthy, accurate, and knowledgeable about financial matters, but he is also a very compassionate and warm person.  He always asks about how I am feeling and how my family is.  I know you will be very pleased with Bernie as your Daily Money Manager.  He has brought order to my finances and I do not have worry about them anymore."

-Joseph Litman

"Bernie is a leader who very effectively leverages his experience with a patient and reasonable hand to implement sensible policy with significant results.

He was a client of mine when I was an expense analyst and always came to me with creative requests for new analyses that would shed light on some otherwise unseen opportunities to save money for the company.

He is a professional who leads by example and inspiration."

  -Adam Houhoulis

"Bernie and I worked together delivering saves for Citi, but I think Bernie had the tougher assignment. I worked with vendors to get the best prices based on a promise to deliver the volume, but Bernie had to get buy-in from a vast, diverse and very independent set of businesses within Global Consumer to use those vendors. That took focus, commitment and some "dark and lonely" work on a daily basis, but Bernie's great attitude made an otherwise onerous task much easier. A real professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!"

-Bob Becker 

"Bernie is a hardworking, conscientious employee with years of expense management expertise. He has the ability to find wasteful expenditures and then help to design methods to control them. He helped in writing Citigroup's first global expense management policy. He has excellent analytic skills and the maturity to understand how to realize maximum savings in large complex organizations."

-Harry Pugh  

"Bernie worked with me twice at Citi. As his direct manager, I had the pleasure to see first-hand the keen analytical ability Bernie was able to apply to complex problems to break them into actionable steps and presentations that others could easily understand. Additionally, staff reporting to Bernie found him to be a supportive mentor who did an outstanding job of developing personnel."

-Alan Diener  

"My cousin needed help with his income and expense activities.  They were in quite a state of disarray.  Some of his bills were not being paid by the due dates, and he was being charged late fees.  Some bills were incorrect, some needed analysis for relevance.  Bernie Sokal worked through the accumulated chaos and made sense of it.  Recently, my cousin was able to increase income from a Trust.  Bernie did the research, organized data, and worked with the Trust manager to successfully get the increase.


I live a distance from my cousin and was always concerned about how his finances were being handled.  Our visits were spent on his finances rather than on enjoying our time together.  Since Bernie has taken over the finances, I no longer worry.  Bernie keeps in touch with me so that I know what's going on, but Bernie takes care of it.  Now when I visit my cousin, we can relax and have some laughs.


Bernie is bright, thorough, competent, considerate, and  gets done what needs to be done."

                                                                                                                              -Jean McCauley

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